Office of the City Mayor

Richard I. Gomez

City Mayor

Mandate: Local Administrative Governance

Vision: An ISO complaint agro-commercial and industrial gateway in Eastern Visayas and the renewable energy capital of the country, with a well developed eco-tourism and dignified Ormocanons who are productive and self-reliant, enjoying equitable access to gainful oppurtunities through an accountable and participative local governance.

Mission: The LGU of this city shall continously provide pragmatic measures to address the problems on food, education, peace and order, health and sabitation, revenue, generation, improved delivery of basic services, provide the dofferent infrastructure support facilities and enhance a wholesome and sustainable environment benefiting the local constituents.

Organizational Outcome: Enforced all laws and ordinances relative to the governance of the city, and in the exercise of its corporate powers, and cause the implementation of all approved polices, programs, projects, services and activities of the city.

Contact Number(local): 1014

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Office of the City Administrator

Vincent L. Emnas

City Administrator

Mandate: Exercises general supervision,direction and control over the affairs, operations and staff of the Office of the City Administrator,on such functions as administering the salaries and wages of casual and regular employees and the issuances of travel order. Develops plans and strategies upon approval thereof by the City Mayor, implement the same particularly those which have to do with the management and administration related programs and projects which the mayor is empowered to implement and which the Sanggunian is empowered to provide. Assists in coordinating the work of all officials of the local government unit, promoting career development and upholding the merit principle in the local government service.Conducts continuing organizational development and institutes effective administrative reforms. Delivers administrative support services, particularly in the aftermath of disasters and calamities. Makes recommendations to the Sanggunian Panlungsod and advises the Mayor on management and administrative matters.Exercises other powers and performs other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance, on the following divisions namely, Slaughterhouse, Market, Superdome, Ormoc Waterworks System Administration and Human Resource Management. Oversees the activities of the Bids and Award Committee.

Vision: To provide effecient and effective coordination and administrative support to all offices by ensuring that all systems, policies, programs and projects are implemented in accordance with the principle, vision, mission and objective of the City Government of Ormoc.

Mission: An outstanding department of the city government of Ormoc City, promoting quality, maximum effeciency and excellence in public service.

Organizational Outcome: Satisfaction to all stakeholders in our department.

Contact Number(local): 1121, 1123

City Planning and Development Office

Raoul E. Cam

CPD Coordinator

Mandate: The City Planning and Development Office serve as the technical arm of the City Government tasked to formulate integrated economic, social, physical and other development plans and policies for consideration of the local development council; conduct continuing studies, reseach & trianing necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation.

Mission : An organization that is focused in planning and developing a livable and sustainable city.

Vision: Provide and enforce policies and standards for the development and management of estates within the context os sustainability, serve as database and Geographical Information System center of the city and provide a wide range of research and development stiudies.

Organizational Outcome: Strengthen the working structure within the city government to enable the city to plan for its future course of development.

Contact Numbers(local)
- 1064
CPD Officer - 1060
Project Devlopment & Evaluatin - 1061/1062/1065
Plans & Programs Division - 1063
Research, & Statistics - 1067
GIS - 1068

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City Budget Office

Sabrina P. Duero

City Budget Officer

Mandate: The City Budget Office prepares and implements the annual budget and other financial resources of the City to support its delivery of basic services, implementation of its plans, programs, projects and activities and ensures the efficient and sound utilization and disbursement of local funds.

Vision: Sustained fiscal strength towards good governance.

Mission: To lead the city government in public expenditure management.

Organizational Outcome: Fiscal Discipline,Resource allocation efficiency and effective utilization of funds and resources.

Contact Number(local): 1050

City Treasurer's Office

Delia C. Vilbar

City Treasurer

Mandate: Take custody and exercise proper management of the funds of the City Government of Ormoc, maintain effective management and control of all City Government funds in accordance with laws, rules and regulations, provide assistance and establish adequate tax collection system for all kinds of taxes and charges.

Vision: The City Treasurer's Office envisioned to serve the general public- government and private sector with integrity, dignity, respect and competence; take custody and exercise proper management of funds to promote fiscal sustainability and enhance growth of the local government unit.

Mission: To collect taxes, fees, charges and other revenues including share from National Government in a convenient, timely and accurate manner of simplifying all processes and procedures to facilitate voluntary compliace with local taxation laws and regulations and providing efficient clientele service.

Organizational Outcome: LGU's Fiscal Sustainability

Contact Number(local): 1191

City Accounting Office

Rosario G. Serafica

City Accountant

Mandate: The Office of the City Accountant shall take charge of both the acounting and pre - audit services of the Local Government Unit of Ormoc City (Sec.474(b),Art IV of LGC 1991).

Vision: To provide a reliable, timely, accurate, relevant and responsive financial information to the City and other agencies interested in the City's Finances through an effective accounting and pre-audit control system, abreast with modern technology,.ensuring financial security, transparent operation and well-defined accounrability

Mission: The office is envisioned to be a competitive financial information office,equipped with modern facilities, competent and committed personnel towards a complete, accurate and timely recording and reporting of all financial transactions of the City. ( including the 110 Component Barangays)

Organizational Outcome: Delivery of genuine public service, through financial statements accurately reflecting the true financial position and performance of the City and the Barangays; Minimize, if not prevent, COA AOMs, disallowancdes and suspensions by stringent adherence to relevant circulars, memorandums rules and guidelines, safeguarding the resources of the City against loss due to wastage, abuse, mismanagement, errors, fraud or irregularities; Factualand accurate financial status of the City provided to the City Mayor and local government top management, to aid them in formulating vital financial and managerial decisions.

Contact Number(local): 1090

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City Assessor's Office

Arthur C. Arcuino

City Assessor

Mandate: Discovery , listing , reclassification and reevaluation of real properties, . Ocular inspection of undeclared real properties including occupied public lands. Establishment of systemtic assessment roll, real property records and property ownership records and accounting system of RPUs.

Vision: Pledges to commit all its resources to ensure that all laws and policies governing the appraisal and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes are properly executed in the most effective ,efficient and fairly manner.

Mission: Appraisal /assessment of real property for taxation purposes ,inventory of real properties, and revision of real property classification and assessment,ocular inspections as to the actual use of real properties together with their improvements, delineate barangay boundaries to increase revenues and to assist real property collectors in identifying delinquent properties.

Organizational Outcome: Fortified appraisal and assessment of real property units and established systematic method of real property assessment.

Contact Number(local): 1130

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Sangguniang Panglungsod

Leo Carmelo L. Locsin Jr.

City Vice Mayor

Mandate: The Sangguniang Panlungsod shall enact Ordinances, approval/adopt resolutions and appropriate funds/measures for the general well-being of the city populace pursuant to Sec. 16 of the Local Government Code and in the proper exercise of the corporate powers of the City pursuant to Rule IX of its IRR and shall conduct weekly regular session and pre-session caucus. Further, the Sangguniang Panlungsod shall:
  • Approve Ordinances and pass Resolution necessary for an efficient & effective city government;
  • Enact Ordinances granting franchises and authorizing the issuances of permits or licenses, upon such conditions and for such purpose intended to promote the general welfare of the city's inhabitants, subject to the provisions of Book II of the Local Government Code;
  • Generate and maximize optimum use of resources and revenues for the city's development plans, programs, objective & priorities as provided for in Section 18 of the Local Government Code;
  • Appropriate funds for the general welfare of the city and its inhabitant for the maintenance of varoius city needs, roads, streets , bridges, parks, plazas, and other infrastructures;
  • Author revision and disbursement of funds for maintenance and operation of government offices;
  • Regulate activities relative to the use of land, buildings and structures within the city in order to promote the general welfare and for said purpose;
  • Review and approve the city budget and that of its component barangay; and
  • Exercise and perform such other powers, duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinances

Vision: The Sangguniang Panlungsod shall exercise and implement legislative functions as provided under RA 7160 or the Local Government Code and perform such other powers and functions as may be prescribed by laws.

Mission: To carry into effect and discharge the responsibilities conferred upon it by law and as may be deemed necessary and to provide public assistance and programs for the health, safety, comfort and convenience, maintain peace and order, promote the prosperity and general welfare of the City and its inhabitants.

Organizational Outcome: 1. Necessary legislative measures responsive to the needs of the general populace and supporting the Executive Agenda timely passed and approved primarily to accelerate local development and inclusive growth; 2. Transparency in the conduct of legislative actions consistently carried out & people's access to all approved legislative measures sustained through the effective administration & management of the SP On-Line Legislative Information Management System.

Contact Number(local): 1070

Office of the City Legal Services

Josephine M. Romero

City Legal Officer

Mandate: The City Legal Office shall serve as the legal counsel and investigating arm of the city government.

Vision: A just and peaceful society anchored on the principles of Transparency, Accountability, fairness and truth.

Mission: To protect the city government from legal suits,to require proper observance and execution of laws and ensure the entire local government machinery of the city runs smoothly within the framework of existing laws,rules and regulations.

Organizational Outcome: Guide, sue and bring all legal actions for the City Government,or defend and protect the city government from all legal actions and claims.

Contact Number(local): 1010

Human Resource Management Office

Farica Z. Cutas

Human Resource Managment Officer

Mandate: Plans and implements the personnel administration programs in accordance with existing Civil Service Laws and Rules.

Vision: A leading partner in global competencies, advocating the need for government employees to pursue personal & professional growth, enabling them to be effective & productive public servants.

Mission: To provide & enhance employee capabilities for Total Human Resource Development, with professional Employees committed to deliver quality and efficient service in meeting the demands of client communities.

Organizational Outcome: Public Accountability of Civil Servants Promoted, Improved Public Service delivery ,merits and rewards system is strenghtened.

Contact Number(local): 1080

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Office of the Civil Registry

Marinette A. Solibaga

City Civil Registrar

Mandate: The Civil Registry office is mandated to administer/implement plans and strategies related to approved civil registry programs and projects, and recieve all registrable documents and other legal documents affecting the civil status of a person.

Vision: The civil registry office is a client/customer friendly office that provides quality civil registration service attuned to global standards

Mission: To Promote & institutionalize effective civil registry system and delivers quality civil registration irrespective of creed, class & culture pursuant to civil registry laws, rules and regulations

Organizational Outcome: Vital Statistics

Contact Number(local): 1180

Internal Audit Services Office

Arnel Villasin

Internal Auditor

Mandate: The Internal Audit Services (IAS) Office shall assist and advise LGUt on matters relating to management control and operations. As such, it shall be tasked to institute and conduct operations and/or financial audit and monitoring to ensure compliance with pertinent rules and regulations for an effective and efficient fiscal administration, internal control and performance of LGU affairs and functions ;and perform other duties and functions as may be directed by the City Mayor.

Vision: Ascertain reliability and integrity in the efficient utilization of resources and ensure compliance with government policies, plans and procedures which could have a significant impact on operations.

Mission: The IAS Office shall conduct (a) operations/ performance audit/ monitoring, to determine overall effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of services and/or (b) financial audit/monitoring to ensure compliance with COA/DBM/CSC/DILG rules and regulations and such other existing policies, rules and issuances.

Organizational Outcome: City Resources are used consistent with laws,regulations and policies and city properties are safeguarded against loss wastage and misuse.

Contact Number(local): 1100

Office of the Building Official

Sonia B. Antonio

City Government Assistant Head

Mandate: To implement regulations and requirements for the construction, alteration, repair, conversion, use, occupancy, and demolition of buildings pursuant to section 301 (Permits and Inspection) of the National Building Code of the Philippines (P.D 1096), as well as enforcement of related orders and decisions.

Vision: To strictly adhere compliance to the provisions of P.D 1096 known as the National Building Code of the Philippines in the application and renewal of building, occupancy, electrical and mechanical permits.

Mission: To enforce strict compliance of the mandate of the Office of the Building Official in accordance with the provisions of the National Building Code of the Philippines (P.D 1096)

Organizational Outcome: To ensure safety of life, health, property and public welfare.

Contact Number(local):

Public Affairs, Info & Assistance Office

Ma. Victoria Lyra P. De La Cerna

PAIAD Officer

Mandate: The Public Affairs, Information and Assistance Office implement programs and activities that shall enable the barangays of the city to deliver effective services to the community.

Vision: Strengthen capabilities of the barangays towards barangay governance in the pursuit of public interest, transparency, accountability, participation and responsiveness.

Mission: To capacitate the barangays for the effective delivery of services to the community.

Organizational Outcome: Liason office of the City Mayor to the 110 barangays of the city and Competency of the barangay towards Local Development.

Contact Number(local): 1140

Traffic Enforcement and Management Office

Barnsby D. Cagang

Traffic Operation Officer

Mandate: City Traffic Enforcement and Management

Vision: An efficient, safe, unhampered and orderly flow of people and goods through the road network of the city through a judicious, fair, participatory and informed traffic management system.

Mission: Shall continuously and effectively manage the traffic conditions in Ormoc City and ensure planning, implementation and evaluation of traffic laws and ordinances.

Organizational Outcome: Educate road users and the genral public and increase their understanding on traffic laws and courtesies thereby ensuring safety and peace along street roads and strenghten the enforcement mechanisms for traffic rules and regulations under the guidance of the Ormoc City Traffic Enforcement and Management Board.

Contact Number(local):

Civil Security Unit

Celso S. Anduyo

Watchman I

Mandate: Formulate plans and recommends measures that will improve the peace and order situation and secures the safety of all government properties facilities buildings and constitutions.

Vision: Safe human workplace with a professional and effective Civil Security Unit.

Mission: Prepare the assessment of the Security aspects of the City Government, design an appropriate Security system, formulate a security policy and establish an Intelligence Network responsive of Government's needs and all within the Area of responsibility.

Organizational Outcome:

Contact Number(local): ?

Information Technology Division

Melchizedec M. Yap

I.T. Officer II

Mandate: The Information Technology Division is mandated to fortify its efforts to (1) formulate and implement public policies that will promote the development and use of information technology in aid of good governance; (2) coordinate with other government and non-government organizations to establish free internet access within the locality; (3) lead in data information building and I.T. infrastructure sharing and provide technical expertise to concerned local government offices; (4) and ensure the protection, privacy and rights of every citizen in matters that deals with Information Technology

Mission : Provide sustainable information technology systems both on software and hardware infrastructure in aid of obtaining the LGU's general objectives towards good governance.

Vision: A competitive department in the field of information technology not only on the local level but also to the global community as well.

Organizational Outcome:
  • Enhanced information technology (IT) software and hardware infrastructure for the local government unit.
  • Develop, implement and maintain additional software application systems for all departments/offices of the LGU as well as of several national agencies in Ormoc City.
  • Manage and maintain the I.T. infrastructure of the LGU's local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) to be operational for optimum performance at all times.

Contact Numbers(local)
IT Officer - 1111
Boy Cabulong - 1112
Technical - 1113
Administrative - 1114
Network - 1115
Other Service - 1116
Web Development - 1118

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City Health Office

Dr. Sarah Hermoso

OIC - City Health Officer

Mandate: Effectively implements programs, projects and services that promote the Health and well-being of every Ormocanon, prevent and control diseases among population at risks, protect individuals, families and communities exposed to hazards and risks.

Vision: Healthy, Productive and Empowered people of Ormoc City.

Mission: To ensure quality health care that is accessible, available, affordable,sustainable,delivered by competent and committed health care providers in partnership with the community.

Organizational Outcome: Nutritional well -being assured, Access to Quality Population Management Information & Services Improved, Access to Social Health Insurance assured.

Contact Number(local): ?

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City Social Welfare and Development Office

Delia D. Corbo

OIC-Social Welfare & Development Officer

Mandate: Implements programs, projects and services that will alleviate poverty and empower disadvantaged individuals, families and communities.

Vision: The empowerment of individuals, families and communities with capability to improve their quality of life through strengthened coping mechanism and meet their minimum basic and other development needs in an Agro -Commercial and Industrial City,Globally Competitives sustainably and managing its resources.

Mission: To provide Social Protection and promote the Rights and Welfare of the Poor, Vulnerable and disadvantaged individual, family and Community to contribute to Poverty Alleviation and Empowerment through effective delivery of Social Welfare Services and Program Implementation.

Organizational Outcome: Responsive Policy Environment for Social Welfare and Development Concern,Strengthened Capacity and Increased Resources of Intermediaries sector .Empowered/ Protected Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Individuals, families and communities.

Contact Number(local): 1170

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City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office

Ciriaco E. Tolibao

City Government Assistant Department Head

Mandate: Shall be responsible for setting the direction,development , implementation and coordination of disaster risk management programs within their territorial jurisdiction.

Vision: A highly responsive and proactive city fostering quality disaster resiliency and climate change adaptation in partnership with stakeholders.

Mission: To continuously build effective and efficient Disaster Risk Management capabilities with partner stakeholders towards a climate change adaptive and resilient city.

Organizational Outcome: The City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office of Ormoc City aims to develop, promote & implement comprehensive plans, projects & activities directed towards building disaster resilience, institutionalize arrangements & measures for disaster risk reduction, and enhance disaster preparedness & response capabilities at all levels.

Contact Number(local): 1119

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Integrated Population Gender and Development Office

Vitaliano U. Gallo Jr.

Population Officer

Mandate: Implement a comprehensive policy on population and development that is anchored on empowering women, families helping couples and individuals to decide on the number and spacing of their children..

Vision: Well - planned, healthy and happy families; empowered women, guided by Divine Providence, living hormoniously and equitably in a suitable environment.

Mission: We will be the leading strategic partners, policy and program advocates for the population program in the City and in the barangay.We will implement a favorable and enabling policy environment for population, responsible parenthood and reproductive health.

Organizational Outcome: Reduction of teenage pregnancy, reduction of maternal mortality, well-planned family, gender sensitive community.

Contact Number(local): 1231

Ormoc City Housing Office

Mandate: Serves as implementing arm of the Ormoc City Housing Board & Tasked to implement the policies, plans & programs adapted by it.

Vision: Develop, regulates & maintain the "Informal Settler's Free" vision of Ormoc City

Mission: To enforce housing laws, rules & regulations, codes, guidelines & procedures

Organizational Outcome:
  • Shelter/Housing plan of the City formulated
  • Inventory of all Lands within the city updated
  • Relocation
  • Contact Number(local): ?

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    Office of Senior Citizens Affairs

    Eustaquio Omega

    OSCA Head

    Mandate: Protect the rights and welfare of the older persons-senior citizens and afford them the priviliges as provided under the constitutions, special laws and local ordinances.

    Vision: Provides social protection and promotes the rights and welfare of the Senior Citizens

    Mission: Establishes mechanism/develops and implements programs beneficial to the needs of the Senior Citizens

    Organizational Outcome: Effective system and practices in issuing care to the needs and concerns of the elderly people.

    Contact Number: 255-5644

    Environmental and Natural Resources Office

    Rosilyn C. Sanchez


    Mandate: Implements studies, analyzes and reports on conditions in the city involving environmental quality with particular attention to the sanitation aspects of water and waste disposal, industrial pollution in the air and in water supply, vegetation destruction and soil erosion. Enforces City Ordinances and other national laws pertaining to environmental protection to maintain a reasonable standard of quality of the environment. Monitor activities pertaining to the installation ,construction and operation of pollution facilities with end view of ensuring their sufficient operation.

    Vision: Environment Friendly city with a balance ecosystem.

    Mission: Effective environmental management in the rehabilitation and conservation to preserve the city's natural environment

    Organizational Outcome: Efficient, effective and responsive enabling Environment & sustainable ENR Management.

    Contact Number(local): 1150

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    City Youth Development Office

    Rolando G. Gaspar Jr.

    Youth Development Officer

    Mandate: Ormoc City Government hereby establishes the City Youth Development Program that will promote the total well-being among the young people and ensure wholistic or balanced formation and development among the young people. The City Youth Development Office shall implement programs that will respond to the concerns of the in- school youth, out-of- school youth, the working youth, and the youth with special needs and also proactive enough to advance the welfare of the young people and empower them to effectively make life choices and decisions. Sec. 4, Ord. No. 15-2016.

    Vision for Ormocanon Youth: Capacitated, Involved, and Productive Youth realizing their aspiration. Agency Vision: CYDO envisions itself as the voice andadvocate of the Ormocanon youth.

    Mission: To promote sustainable developmental policies and programs for and with the Ormocanon youth.

    Organizational Outcome:
    • Performed the secretariat functiona and acted as the implementing arm of the City Government of Ormoc on the decision of the OCYDYC
    • Served as liason of city government to the agencies and organization involved in youth development;
    • Organized and assisted youth organizations for their accreditation in the city government;
    • Held an annual youth parliament;
    • Conducted trainings and seminars for the youth;
    • Assisted youth organizations in their advocacy and IEC;
    • Performed such other functions that the OCYDC may assign

    Contact Number(local): 1230

    Ormoc TESDC

    Mandate: Established to undertake the following functions and objectives:
  • To conduct vocational and technological trainings on TESDA accredited courses with NC I, II, III or other levels of certifications;
  • To produce graduates that are globally competitive with an end goal of giving graduates higher chances of employability;
  • To serve as an Assessment Center for TESDA TECH-Voc programs;
  • To proveide employment opportunities for the graduates of the programs giving priority to those coming from indigent/marginalized families
  • Vision: Make/Create/Innovative a continuous study/Development/Training and Evaluation of various subject or course geared towards the upliftment of the less fortunate and underpriviledged constituents of the City of Ormoc and suburbs. Ensure to meet the demands of the modern times where training is need & to be globally competitive feedback to all stakeholders. (Government/Private Sector) as to the success/gain of all its graduates in terms of the course taken. (For Revision)

    Mission: Improve the performance of the center by providing tech-voc training programs that address the manpower needs of the local business industry & in other regions/area as well

    Organizational Outcome: Ormoc City Technical Education and Skills Development Center aims to develop, promote and implement TESDA, LGU, and NGO funded training skills training programs to train, enhance and upgrade the skills of its trainees to become a highly skilled competitive labor force

    Contact Number(local): ?

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    Ormoc City Persons with Disability Affairs Office

    Mandate: Shall serve as the lead office in the enhancement of health, physical fitness, economic and social well-being of persons with disability within the territorial jurisdiction of Ormoc City

    Vision: Provides intervention and oppurtunities that will uplift the living condition of the distressed and disabled individual to attain their fullest potential and enable them to become self-reliant and active participants in development Mission: Formulate and implement policies, plans and programs for the promotion and protection of the welfare of PWD's in Ormoc City

    Organizational Outcome: Effective implementation of programs and activities as mandated by RA 7277, as ammended by RA 10070 and SP Ordinance no. 009 series of 20

    Contact Number(local): ?

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    City Agriculture Office

    Maria Elena A. Mendoza

    City Agriculturist

    Mandate: Pursuant to the Provisions of the Local Gov't Code of 1991, R.A 7160, the City Agriculturist Office shall exercise the following:
  • Formulate measures and provide technical assistance to LCE so to ensure the delivery of basic agricultural services as provided under Sec. 17 of the Local Government Code;
  • Develop plans and strategies for approval by the LCE for implementation, particularly agricultural programs and projects
  • Conduct location-specific agricultural researchers and assist in making available the appropriate technology arising out of, and dissemenate information on, basic research on crops, prevention and control of plant diseases and pests and other agricultural matters which will maximize productivity;
  • Ensure that maximum assistance and access to resources in the production, processing and marketing of agricultural and fisheries and marine products are extended to farm families and fisherfolks;
  • Assist the LCE in the establishment and extension services of demonstration farm or aquaculture and marine products;
  • Coordinate with NGAs and NGOs which promote agricultural productivity through appropriate technology compatible with environmental integrity
  • Be in the front-line of delivery of basic agriculutural services, particularly those who needed for the survival of our farmer clienteles in the aftermath of man-made and natural disaster;
  • Enforce rules and regulations ralating to Agriculture and fisheries;
  • Recommeded to the Sangguniang Panglungsod and upon the advice of the LCE on all matters related to agriculture and fisheries which will improve the sustainable livelihood and living condition of the constituents;
  • Perform other Agri-Fishery development programs, projects & activities
  • Vision: A leading agri-fishery commercial hub in Eastern Visayas with the products that are safe, accessible, ecologically sound and sustainable production with marketing support and entrepreneurial mind-set of our empowered, progressive and resillient farmers and fisher-folks of Ormoc City

    Mission: Provider of effective quality agriculture extension services, enabler in the empowerment of farmers and fisheries including rural women and youth ensure compliance of stakeholders/client with regulations, laws and ordinances on agriculture and fisheries

    Organizational Outcome: Promoted agricultural development and growth of the city. Increase farmers and fisherfolks income and thereby uplift their quality of living

    Contact Number: 561-3156

    Business Permits and Licensing Office

    Joel E. Mendoza

    Licensing Officer

    Mandate: Process all business regulatory permits and licenses and help facilitate Local Economic Development Program of the city.

    Vision: To make Ormoc City an investment destination of MSMEs, providing business friendly environment, promoting inclusive growth, a vibrant and dynamic public-private partnership under the principle of Local Economic Development Program.

    Mission: To enhnace business friendly environment through eliminating bureaucratic red tape, reduce cost of doing business and promoting transparency and easing the cost of doing business.

    Organizational Outcome: Increase business opportunities ,investment and tax revenues of the city.

    Contact Number(local): 1070

    City Cooperative Development Office

    Senior Cooperatives Development Officer

    Mandate: The CCDO shall ensure effective implementation of the constitutional & legal mandates on cooperatives; shall assist in the promotion of the organization of cooperatives and provide secretariat support services to the City Cooperative Devt. Council

    Vision: The CCDO shall foster the creation & growth of Cooperatives as major component of the development goals of the city.

    Mission: To formulate a City Cooperative Development Program/Plan initially consisting of enterprise development & institutional development.

    Organizational Outcome: A comprehensive Ormoc City Cooperative Development Program implemented

    Contact Number(local):

    Public Employment Services Office

    Josephine B. Hermosilla

    PES Officer

    Mandate: Carry out full employment and equality of employment opportunities for all , to strengthen and expand the employment facilitation service machinery of the government particularly at the local levels.The PESO shall be linked to the Regional Office of the Department of Labor and employment for coordination and technical supervision to constitute the national employment service network.

    Vision: To efficiently and comprehensively bridge the gap between employers and Ormocanon job seekers contributing to a labor market performance.

    Mission: To consistently innovate and deliver exceptional multi services ranging from employment opportunities, skills training , livelihood programs and other beneficial assistance to the city's work force.

    Organizational Outcome: In general, the program shall ensure the prompt, timely and efficient delivery of employment service and provision of information on the DOLE program.

    Contact Number(local): 1213

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    City Veterinary Office

    Joseph C. Cortes

    City Veterinarian

    Mandate: Article 19, section 489 of the Local Government Code of the Philippines mandates the veterinary services to formulate measures for the consideration of the Sanggunian, and provide technical assistance and support to the Mayor, as the case maybe, in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities pursuant to section 17 of the code; develop plans and strategies and upon approval thereof by the Mayor,as the case maybe, implement the same particularly those which have to do with the veterinary -related activities which the mayor is empowered to implement and which the Sanggunian is empowered to provide for under the code: advise the Mayor as the case maybe, on all matters pertaining to the slaughter of animals for human consumption and the regulation of slaughterhouses; regulate the keeping of domestic animals; regulate and inspect poultry, milk and dairy products for public consumption;enforce all laws and regulations for the prevention of cruelty to animals;take the necessary measures to eradicate, prevent or cure all forms of animal dieases;be in the frontline of veterinary related activities such as in the outbreak of highly contagious and deadly diseases, and in situations resulting in the depletion of animals for work and human consumption, particularly those arising from and in the aftermath of man made and natural calamities; increase the number and improve the quality of livestock, poultry and other domestic animals used for work or human consumption; and, exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

    Vision: A Veterinary Office that will continue to strive to be competitive and efficient in delivering animal health care services and other veterinary to Ormoc City constituents by providing prompt and pro-active actions to client's requests.

    Mission: To render the highest quality of technical and veterinary services to Ormoc City constituents with regards to animal health, livestock and poultry production ,public health services, extension services, quarantine services and other veterinary services through execellent service to our clients in accordance with the highest standards of the veterinary profession available to us; and coordinate with other concerned agencies and offices in the implementation of the plans and programs both to the national government and the local government unit of Ormoc City.

    Organizational Outcome: Through efficient delivery of veterinary services and excellent animal care programs, animal diseases will be prevented and rabies among dogs will be eradicated, farmer's income will significantly increased and poverty among farmers will be lessened, public health will be safeguarded and some of the poultry and livestock program from national offices and agencies will be availed and implemented.

    Contact Number(local): ?

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    Ormoc City Tourism Office

    Nelson L. Alindogan

    OIC-Tourism Officer

    Mandate: The City Tourism Office is mandated to develop an economically viable and sustainable tourism program in Ormoc City that will create employment and business opportunities for local residents.Actively develop and harness the potentials of Ormoc City as the major tourist destination sites whether natural, man-made or cultural/ historical. Promote a tourism program that is pro-people, which will conserve the local cultural heritage and sense of identity of Ormoc City but at the same time engage in sustainable tourism activities that will preserve the environment.

    Vision:Leading Sustainable Tourism for Inclusive Economic Growth

    Mission: To develop and implement an annual Tourism Development Plan highlighting the roles of stakeholders especially the barangays and communities where the tourist sites are located.Develop an annual marketing and promotion plan to increase tourist arrivals in Ormoc City. Enhance capacities of the stakeholders especially the barangays in tourism product development and the management of local tourism projects and initiatives.Develop the standards of excellence in tourism facilities and frontline services and providers and put in place and effective monitoring system for complying with the standards.

    Organizational Outcome: Increased local and International visitors,diversified tourism products & services, increased quality of visitor experience, well- preserved and maintained parks and cultural heritage.

    Contact Number: 560-9886

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    Ormoc Superdome

    Rafael Antonio M. Muñoz

    Superdome Administrator

    Mandate: To promote and make Ormoc City Superdome a decent venue for sports competitions and socio cultural activities and at the same time collect fees to increase the city revenues.

    Vision: To be the best venue for sports competition and socio cultural activities in the Philippines that can contribute to the promotion of tourism.

    Mission: The Ormoc City Superdome is committed to provide a venue for holding concerts, benefit shows, conventions, seminars, summit, sports competition and earn additional income in the city.

    Organizational Outcome: Effective management in the operation of the Ormoc Superdome and maintain operational and upgraded facilities.

    Contact Number: 255-3301 (Local 1045)


    Ruel Cañete

    Public Market Administrator

    Mandate: Enforcement of the Market Code and the Sanitation Code of Ormoc in the Operation of Public Market. Implement standards in the sanitary garbage collection and disposal as required in the Solid Waste Management Program in the Public Market.

    Vision: Responsive and effective instruments of public service and dynamic & viable enterprises which strenghten the financial capabilities of the city.

    Mission: To provide a well manage and operated public market for businessmen, traders as well as the market -goers. To manage and operate a clean and organized public market acceptable to the general public.To prepare, present and adopt policies pertaining to increasing revenues of the public market reducing operational and maintenance cost with a well manage and operated public market.

    Organizational Outcome: Organized and Economically Sustainable public market operations.

    Contact Number: 561-6390


    James Pongos

    Slaughterhouse Incharge

    Mandate: Formulate and implement policies, programs, rules and regulations in relation to meat inspection and hygiene to ensure safety and quality of meat and meat products for human consumption.

    Vision: A prime slaughtering service provider to safe meat and best quality for consuming public.

    Mission: Maintain and assure a high quality of slaughtering process providing clean, safe and good slaughtered animals.

    Organizational Outcome: Assured safety and quality of meat.

    Contact Number(local): ?

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    Terminal Management Office

    Rafael Antonio M. Muñoz

    OIC-Terminal Manager Designate

    Vision: To operate and manage an integrated and peaceful land based public terminal system for the next three (3) years.

    Mission: Ormoc City Terminal is a dynamic terminal with an overall commitment towards excellence. The Ormoc City Terminal will provide and operate a safe, secured and reliable public terminal services to meet the needs of both people and public utility by applying stable systems of operations to create a secured future for the economic enterprise of Ormoc and its constituents.

    Organizational Outcome: Be able to attain efficient control and supervision in the terminal operation

    Contact Number(local): 1018

    City Engineer's Office

    Ranulfo D. Oliveros

    City Engineer

    Mandate: To provide engineering services to the local government unit and administer, coordinate , supervise and control the construction, maintenance, improvement and repair of roads, bridges and other engineering and other public works project. Also initiate, review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans & programs, techniques, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and public work in general.

    Vision: A fully equipped engineering office responsive to the needs of the city's constituents.

    Mission: To undertake the construction , maintenance and repair of infrastucture projects of the city, provide assistance to the city's constituents concerning engineering, adhere and enforce strict compliance to the provisions of PD 1096 in the application and renewal of building, occupancy electrical and water connection permits ,supervise and maintain all city owned equipments.

    Organizational Outcome: Speedy and effective Infrastructure project.

    Contact Number: 255-2096

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    City General Services Office

    Domardoni C. Cayanong

    City General Services Officer

    Mandate: The City General Services Office is mandated to take custody of and be accountable for all propertoes, real or personal and supplies owned by the Local Government Unit. Maintain and supervise janitorial and other related services in all local government public buildings and other real property, owned or leased by the Local Government Unit.

    Vision: The City General Services Office ensure and promote effective and efficient delivery of general services to the public

    Mission: To put in place property records management, supply management systems, repair and maintenance/janitorial of public utilitties.

    Organizational Outcome: Effective property record's and supply management and maintenance/janitorial services for the Local Government Unit and to the Public.

    Contact Number(local): 1160

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    Ormoc Waterworks Division

    Fulton Emmanuel S. Manawatao

    ORWASA Administrator

    Mandate: Responsible for the overall management of the operations, maintenance and repair of water supply facilities, improvement and expansion of the existing system and increase the city revenues.

    Vision: Efficient water supply system that could serve Ormoc City and all its barangays.

    Mission: To provide all water consumer with potable water supply that conform the standards of the World Health Organization for drinking water.

    Organizational Outcome: Adequate supply of potable water and increase the city revenues thru water fees.

    Contact Number: 255-3303, 255-2372

    Office of the City Architect

    Romeo B. Salas

    Architect II

    Mandate: Being an independent city with an accelerated phase of urban renewal development, the Ormoc City government established to OCAr to ensure that a "socio-architectural" community development and changes are executed based on sound architectural design and standards.

    Vision: The OCAr envisions itself to be clear of architectural planning and design that will epitomize an atmosphere towards the emergence, Ormoc City as one of the country's most developed city.

    Mission: Implement architectural planning & designing programs and projects for optimal socioeconomic development of the city.

    Organizational Outcome: Sound and effective architectural planning and designs for all government infrastructure projects as it relates to the total socioeconomic development of the city.

    Contact Number(local):

    Musician Section

    Gil T. Pedrosa


    Mandate: Socio-Cultural Services

    Vision: An improved professional-musician of personnel who are able and ready to provide high-caliber musical performances and serviecs for the city government center and the city's component barangays.

    Mission: The musician section shall continuously provide and improve professional musical services with the adequate musical instruments and equipments.

    Organizational Outcome: Improved professional-musical services to the city government and its the 110 component barangays.

    Contact Number(local): ?


    Norman S. Guini-o

    Administrative IV

    Mandate: Provide Students & the community public library services and serve as Information Center, thereby providing immediate access to current information.

    Vision: A well-equipped library offering public library services and referrences materials for educational research and public information.

    Mission: Creating an atmosphere conductive learning snd research. Assure equitable access to Library's resources and services

    Organizational Outcome: Service oriented public library

    Contact Number(local): ?

    Ormoc City Sports Office

    Albert Patrick B. Deen

    Executive Assistant

    Mandate: Under the direct supervision of the City Mayor, the OCSO is tasked to provide the administrative & technical support services in the implementation of the city's comprehensive sports development program and provide secretariat & supportive services to the Ormoc City Sports Commission

    Vision: 1. Promoting healthy lifestyles among the youth & foster physical fitness, self discipline, teamwork & excellence of a healthy & alert citizenry. 2. Aims to make sports a pillar of the city tourism progam aiming to boost the City's potentials as choice venue or destination for various health & wellness programs & sports events.

    Mission: Ensure stability & continuity in the implementation of the City Sports Program & Development.

    Contact Number(local): ?