The Philippine Model City - 2nd Runner-Up

Congratulations to Ormoc City for being adjudged as 2nd Runner Up in the Manila Times Awards for "The Philippine Model City" and for bagging the "Concrete Ideas Award" for the city's infrastructure and innovations.

Congratulations to Mayor Richard I. Gomez, VM Toto Locsin, councilors and city officials and all the Ormocanons of our beautiful city!

Building good infastractures that makes the lives of Ormocanons better!.

City Government Services
Health Services

Promotes the Health and well-being of every Ormocanon, prevent and control diseases among population at risks, protect individuals, families and communities exposed to hazards and risks.

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Social Welfare Services

Provides social welfare services to its residents, the senior citizens, the PWDs, the children and the indigent constituents.

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General Services

To implement laws and formulate measures in carrying out the delivery of basic public services and provisions of adequate facilities.

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Zoning and Planning

The technical arm of the City Government that formulates integrated economic, social,physical and other development plans and policies for local development.

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