Thrusts and Priorities


1.  Peace and Order.  Improve peace and order situation in the City through police visibility and easy access to for police assistance and aggressive efforts for a drug-free city.

2.  Tourism.  Pursue an aggressive tourism program, with focus on

  • City plaza and park beautification and maintenance
  • Conversion of old city hall into museum and cultural development center
  • Development of new tourism sites such as Mag-aso Falls, Janagdan Lake, Kasudsuran Lake and Alto Peak
  • Promote engineering tourism, agro-tourism and sport tourism
  • Promote eco-tourism and eco-parks development especially in Naungan, San Juan and Lao
  • Promote Ormoc as MICE capital in Eastern Visayas (MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibits)
  • Improve the facilities and regulatory mechanisms in Lake Danao Natural Park (LNDP)

3.  Education.  Enhance the capacity of the education sector to meet the demands of the K to 12 program focusing on meeting the classroom shortages, teacher training improvement of the public library, and scholarship program for poor but deserving students as well as strengthening of the manpower development program to provide skills to the unemployed workforce of the city and ensure the match between the training programs offered and the industry needs in the city.

4.  Health and Sanitation.  Making the health programs more responsive to the needs of the population through availability of more medicines, making the 3 in 1 centers open 24/7, and strengthening of the dental program and maternal and child health through regulation of private birthing centers and institutionalization of the BHW program.  The city government will work on PHILHEALTH Enrollment of the indigent population utilizing the “Point of Care”, provide increased subsidy for hospitalization, conduct more medical and surgical missions, and actively monitor HIV cases.  The City government will work on a stronger responsible parenthood program to help and empower poor couples decide on the number and spacing of their children.  The city government will also establish a septage program, ensure 100% of households with toilets, and improve capacity on garbage collection and the conditions of the landfill.

5.  Agriculture, Food Production and Fisheries.  Pursue research and development program for agriculture including setting up of necessary laboratories that will bring in new technologies.  The city will also pursue mechanization in food production and work for provision of subsidy, farm machineries and post harvest facilities.  The City will strengthen the extension services by deploying more competent extension workers to the barangays that can assist and teach the farmers on hybrid program, alternative crops, among others.  The city will create a stronger marketing support program for agriculture and fishery products and working for stronger linkage between market and production.  The city will  view and strengthen the regulatory mechanisms for all products entering Ormoc markets and will also work on strict enforcement of fishery laws.  The City will maximize the support from NGAs and other donor institutions in making resources available for agriculture and fisheries including that of livestock.

6.  Trade and Investments.  Implement effectively the investment incentives code and provide better access among micro and small enterprises to financing and capacity building programs.  The City will establish the landbanking program for both business and public use purposed but also to expand the urban landscape of the city including the development of additional reclamation areas.  The City will pursue aggressive investment promotions including the establishment of a special economic zone and engagement of the private sector in the public-private partnership (PPP).

7.  Environment Preservation.  Improve the regulatory mechanisms for mining and quarrying and strengthen the local capacity to respond to disasters and emergencies such as building more evacuation centers and additional workers for the disaster and risk reduction and management office.  The city will implement the clean and green program and intensify the reforestation program especially in Barangay Lake Danao, Gaas and Liberty.

8.  Traffic Management.  Strengthen the capacity of the city government to manage the traffic conditions of the city by establishing a separate office on traffic management, professionalizing the traffic enforcers and updating the traffic code.

9.  Good Governance.  Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of delivery of services in the City Hall through streamlining and computerization of the processes including the promotion of paperless transactions.  The City government will review and assess the organization to ensure that necessary offices are established and also enhance its planning capacity and work for the updating of the comprehensive land use plan and the city development plan, among others.  The City will lay the groundwork for ISO certification of the City Government.

10.  Revenue Generation.  Strengthen the resource generation and mobilization  capacity of the city government through adjustment of the basic rates of local taxes, finding new sources of revenues and maximizing the earning capacity and potentials of the economic enterprises and some public properties like the Superdome.

11.  Road Infrastructure Program including Multi-Purpose Buildings.


Note: Presented by the LCE to the different public and private stakeholders’ representatives during the conduct of the Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA) Formulation Workshop from August 3-5, 2016 at the Multi-Purpose Hall inside the New Ormoc City Hall.