Arts and Crafts Fair held

Aspiring artists of various ages came together to learn more techniques from experienced artists for free in the Arts and Crafts Fair spearheaded by ShopKo and Ormoc City Visual Artists’ Association (OCVAA) on Tuesday, April 18.

ShopKo proprietress, Evangeline Chu, said that the event was a ‘first of its kind’ in the city and in the whole region as it converged well-known brands of art supplies throughout the country. She added that it was a challenge negotiating with the competing suppliers and bringing them in together as ‘one’ in an event to reach out to communities such as the children and art enthusiasts.


Art in an artist’s point of view

The event was also joined by Anina Rubio, a famous visual artist and brand ambassador of Zig Kuretake, an international supplier of art materials.

In an interview, Anina revealed that calligraphy was her first art form of interest, which she started doing since 2014. She added that it was the most convenient way for her to destress back then which only required her a pen and a notebook. Now, she has turned her focus on painting murals as she wanted to keep growing on the arts. When asked what art is to her, she described art as ‘life’ and considered it as her ‘oxygen’.

Anina said that she is enthusiastic to join events such as this because she wants people to learn more about arts. “Everything can be learned, just keep on practicing. Don’t stop growing,” she expressed to the aspiring artists.

She also has her own website which features tutorials, pictures, blogs, and more. Aside from that, she conducts art workshops with details available on her website: www.aninarubio.com.


Group of friends to an official association of local artists

The arts and crafts fair, aside from showcasing standard-quality art merchandises from renowned brands, also held workshop demonstration for different forms of art like calligraphy, water color painting, and sketching, among others by skilled artists.

Local artists from OCVAA also displayed their paintings sold at reasonable prices valued at P6,000 and above. The association started with only a group of friends planning to gather Ormocanons who share the same passion. The members of the newly-established group have recently been sworn into office by the city mayor. Presently, the group’s artworks are displayed in the old city hall-turned-art museum. One OCVAA member said that they are planning more activities that will inculcate onto fellow Ormocanons the love for painting and art in general.

Mayor Richard Gomez, who shares the same love for art, also graced the event. He encouraged the participants to learn from the experts, saying that their masterpiece could be featured in the future city museum.


‘One’ in promoting art

Suppliers like Reeves, Stabilo, Faber Castell, Uni-ball, to mention some, also prepared leisurely activities in the affair. Instead of competing with one another, the brands were in unity of promoting art.

A representative from Faber Castell mentioned that their goal in joining the event was to develop the kids’ talents starting at their young age. The team prepared a coloring activity exclusively for the children as a way building up their skills.

Meanwhile, Chu revealed that she has future plans of making the art workshop a yearly event to keep the artists updated of the latest trends of art and newest materials available at the market.


— Shanice Kae Omega Suarez & Joseph Pilapil / City Media Relations

Post Author: Joseph Pilapil