Ormoc joins nationwide CPR training, aims to be CPR-ready

The Ormocanons, including the local government unit of Ormoc City, took part in the nationwide hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training as a basic first aid procedure at the Superdome on Monday, March 6.  

The CPR training aimed to teach people basic first aid for victims of cardiac arrest while waiting for outside help. This was spearheaded by the Philippine Heart Association and was participated by local government employees, army, and barangay constituents, together with trained personnel from different hospitals in the city.

Dr. Rhodette Arevalo, a cardiologist and past president of Ormoc City Medical society, said that there is a need to educate people basic CPR in order to increase chance of survival among victims. In her lecture, she mentioned heart diseases as the leading cause of death not just in the country but globally, hence, knowledge on CPR would come in handy in responding to these emergencies.

In the later part of the program, she and her team conducted a ‘hands-only’ CPR demonstration, which all the participants also demonstrated afterwards.

In an interview, Dr. Arevalo said that there is a plan of incorporating CPR into the education curriculum, just like what other countries did. In the meantime, the DepEd and DOH are on the process of producing the module for CPR.

She also thanked the city government for the strong support to their activities, pointing out that Mayor Richard Gomez, himself, has undergone the same training conducted by her team few months ago.

Meanwhile, the city government would soon be acquiring 5 units of automated external defibrillator (AED), a portable device used to treat sudden cardiac arrest that sends an electric shock to the heart to restore a normal rhythm. These would be placed in strategic places in the city for emergency purposes.

Post Author: Joseph Pilapil